All I can say is, Wow!

Slabsmith works even better then I had hoped.

It's changing the way we do business.

Barry Brandt
Pyramid Marble & Granite
Effingham, IL

When we first started using Slabsmith we used it just to layout our exotic slabs.

Then we started using Slabsmith for virtually all of our slab layouts and within 6 months we reduced our wastage from 30% to 15%!

Kris Kelough
Premier Surfaces
Alpharetta, GA

This is by far the best support I have had from any company in the granite industry.

Chuck Evans
Stone Spirit
Orlando, FL

What an unbelievable sales tool.

It is very common for us to get a customer that wants Ubatuba for $35 a square foot. They come to our slab yard and see all the beautiful exotics.

Then we throw a little Slabsmith magic at them and that job suddenly is sold for $70 a square foot.

It happens every day around here.

Miles Crowe
Crowe Custom Countertops
Atworth, GA

Just wanted to say thank you to Bill Elliott for the undivided attention he gave us today while we were calibrating our Slabsmith photo station.

Slabsmith Rocks!!

Carmine Pantano
Frank's Marble & Granite
Red Lion, PA

Slabsmith™ redefines the possibilities and potentials when working with both natural and quartz stone products.

Beginning with proprietary calibration techniques, Slabsmith produces highly accurate digital slabs from physical slabs. Slabsmith digital slabs are true to life in both color and dimension and contain all relevant properties of the original slab.

Slabsmith uses these digital slabs to provide benefits and advantages that include inventory management, 3D visual layout, sales and marketing tools, streamlined manufacturing, and targeted business decisions.

Please take the time to browse this site for more detailed information on the many ways Slabsmith melds with your business to generate higher profits.

Need a demo? Give us a call to schedule yours.

It's where you're going.

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