The Slabsmithâ„¢ "Locator" module provides a quick and accurate way to align your DXF layout to the position of a slab on your saw.


Locator is an alternative to using a physical registration (hard stops) to locate the slab. This means it can be used to locate slabs on your saw even if you didn't create the original Slabsmith digital slab, for instance, you may have received the Slabsmith digital slab from a slab manufacturer.
How it works... - Locator uses a calibrated camera over your saw table to take a picture of your slab. After the picture has been taken, your DXF layout is loaded into Locator and either manually or automatically positioned over the picture of the slab. Once the DXF layout has been positioned the DXF file is saved in the new position and then used to program your saw.
Manual alignment - When a digital slab is created in Slabsmith, it includes an outline of the slab boundary as part of the slab definition. Locator provides functions to rotate and translate the DXF layout using your mouse to position the slab outline over the slab on your saw table.
Automatic alignment - To use the automatic method of DXF layout alignment, two targets are placed on the slab when the digital slab is created. These targets are detected by Slab Maker and geometry is placed over the targets. When the slab is placed on the saw table and photographed with Locator, the DXF layout is opened and Locator automatically aligns the geometry in the layout, to the targets on the slab. As in the manual process, the file is saved and then opened in your saw software to complete the programming of the layout.
Coming soon... - Slabsmith is currently working with individual saw/saw-jet/waterjet manufacturer's to further increase the effciency and automation of your workflow. As this process is completed, you will be able to program your saw in the office and align the saw program to your slab with just a few scans from a barcode reader.
When you have cut all the slabs for the job, the job will automatically be completed in your Slabsmith database, the slabs will be consumed from inventory and any remnants you have defined will be created in your Slabsmith database.
The saw operator will be just that. An operator. And your saw will be just that. A saw, not a programming station.
This leap in automation will ensure that your saw is always doing the one thing that actually makes money. Sawing!