The Slabsmith™ "Scan" module includes tools to quickly and accurately perform physical inventory as well as tools designed to support the sales process for your slabs and remnants.


Complete Physical Inventory – Ensure your Slabsmith database agrees with reality.
Slabsmith integrates with an industrial rated barcode scanner that allows you to perform physical inventory in hours, not days. Aside from the obvious time benefits it also insures the greatest accuracy. With Slabsmith's physical inventory you will be assured of accurate data in your Slabsmith database, weather it be for sales, manufacturing or accounting purposes.
How it works... - The Slabsmith inventory barcode scanner stores the data directly on the scanner. This means you don't need a wifi signal to complete physical inventory. If you have inventory outside or even in another location, it still works perfectly.
To begin, each of your slabs and slab locations are barcoded with a unique ID. Once everything is identified with its barcode, doing a complete inventory is as simple as scanning a location, then scanning each slab in the location. After all locations and slabs have been scanned the barcode scanner is placed in it's cradle and the synchronization begins.
The first step in synchronizing is to compare the inventory on the scanner with the inventory in the Slabsmith database. This process generates a "change list". The change list shows the differences between the inventory on the scanner and the databasse, and then provides an easy way to reconcile any differences.
Example: The scanner shows a slab in inventory that the database shows as "Consumed". The change list will allow you to set the slabs status back to "Received".
The industrial scanner can also be used on a daily basis to update slab locations. As you place a slab into a location, scan the location then scan the slab. When it's convenient, synchronize the scanner and the location changes will be applied to the Slabsmith database.
Paritial Physical Inventory – Reconcile a sub-set of your inventory.
Slabsmith's scan module will also allow you to create custom inventory reconciliations. For instance you may want to reconcile only a few racks, or a single material type such as your quartz inventory.
How it works... -
Partial inventory works in much the same way as full inventory. To do a partial inventory you select the "Partial" radio button and Slabsmith only checks for differences within the locations that you scan.
In addition to the partial method above, Its also possible to define a specific "view" into your database. This allows you to conduct a full inventory against this view. An example would be doing a full inventory on a single brand of quartz, or on slabs purchased or on consignment from a specific distributor.
Ultimately flexibility is the key. Slabsmith inventory reconciliation provides a flexible, powerful, and quick way for you to do be sure your Slabsmith database agrees with reality.
The Slab Browser – View and reserve inventory on a tablet!
The Scan module also includes a powerful Slab Browser. The Slab Browser runs in any web browser. This means you can use it anywhere you can run a browser, including a tablet! The Slab Browser is designed to help your sales people quickly narrow down your customer's selection, without moving slabs.
How it works... -
The Slab Browser has a live connection to your Slabsmith database via WiFi. It is touch enabled, if you have a touch screen, you can page through slabs, zoom, etc with just your fingers. It is also compatible with bluetooth barcode scanners to allow you to scan a slab or a rack, and instantly view the slabs and their information as you walk through your warehouse with your customer.
Typical use scenario:
You are walking through your slab warehouse with a customer. The customer points out a rack of material and says, "I really like that material, could I see the other slabs in that rack?".
Before the Slab Browser, you probably didn't encourage this, but with the Slab Browser it's as simple as scannning the barcode on the rack, and the entire rack of slabs appears on your screen.
Now, let's suppose the customer thinks they would like to keep track of the 4th slab back in the rack. No problem. Touch the "Favorites" button and the slab is saved to a favorites list for later viewing. You have moved nothing.
The customer continues selecting material that interests them, and you continue to place specific slabs into the customer's favorites list.
After the customer has made all their selections, you show them their favorites, and begin to remove the slabs that they don't like. After eliminating all but the slabs they like, you place the slabs into a job and add the customer information, directly in the Slab Brower.
The bottom line is you can keep track of material the customer likes while they browse, you can eliminate the materials they don't like, and you can reserve specific slabs for the customer... all while walking through your warehouse with your customer. Your operation looks very high-tech, and most importantly... you are not moving slabs!
Moving slabs -
The Slab Browser can also change the locatation of a slab or remnant. Select the "Move" button from the home screen, scan the location then scan the slab, and the slab's new location is immediately updated in your Slabsmith database.
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