Slab Maker Lite is designed as an alternate method of entering inventory into your Slabsmith Database without the need to take a picture of the slab.

Slab Maker Lite

How it works... Slab Maker Lite has all the features of the full Slab Maker module with the exception of the ability to create a digital slab on your Slabsmith photostation.
Inventory may be entered in a number of ways...
1) As a "Blank Slab" with approximate dimensions.
2) Created from an existing digital slab. The same image and properties of the existing slab are used. You may modify the properties, but not the dimensions.
3) From a "Slab Template". Predefined slab templates which include a sample image and properties may be selected. A slab template allows you to specify approximate dimensions.
4) From a picture. You can select any picture for the inventory record, then specify it's size and properties.
Who needs Slab Maker Lite?
Slab Maker Lite is used by businesses that want to be able to add records to their Slabsmith database without creating a calibrated digital slab on their photostation.
It may also be used to enter inventory that has not yet been recieved. When the inventory arrives a true calibrated image may be added to the existing record using the Slab Maker module at the photostation.