Slabsmith on the Polishing Line

Slabsmith is the world’s best solution for creating digital images on a polishing line.

See below for just a few of the reasons your business will benefit by incorporating Slabsmith into your polishing line.
Quality –

Slabsmith digital slabs are beautiful, because they are accurate. The color and dimensional accuracy are achieved using Slabsmith’s proprietary photogrammetry process to calibrate the photostation.

Using this process, images are produced that are consistent and reproducible, with no reflections or hot spots in the slab image. Dimensional accuracy within 1 mm is typical.

The end result? The very best slab images available, anywhere.
Custom designed -

Each Slabsmith polishing line photostation is custom designed to assure the best possible use of the space and the highest quality results. The photostation also acts as the inspection station for even more efficient use of the available space.

Polishing line photostations are created in one of two general configurations, a flat background or a peaked background for a more compact installation.

Marketing –

The images produced by Slabsmith are an excellent marketing aid and business to business tool. You can provide your customers with a confidence in their purchases by showing them the actual slabs they have purchased in high quality, high resolution images.

Slabsmith can also automatically generate images that are optimized for your web site. Including your logo, drop shadows and user specified background color.

.Slab files –

A further benefit is the ability to automatically generate Slabsmith “.slab“ files. This makes it possible to provide your customer a file that he can import directly into his Slabsmith slab inventory and immediately use to create layouts.

With hundreds of customers in the USA and Canada, Slabsmith is the standard for layout and management of slabs in North America, the largest market in the world for natural stone and quartz slabs. The ability to provide .slab files greatly increases your slabs value in this important market.

Inspection –

Slabsmith includes the ability to add a digital ‘mark-up’ layer where areas of interest, such as a crack or pit can be maintained. This layer may be turned on and off visually.

When this feature is used, the final consumer does not need to see these areas, but the are maintained with the slab and used to make better decisions during layout.

Quality control –

Because Slabsmith digital slabs are accurate renditions of the actual slab, you can use the images as an integral part of your quality control program.

Slabsmith’s database is capable of maintaining a virtually unlimited number of digital slabs. This means you also have a complete history of every slab you have created, giving you the ability to track trends in the material.

Contact us for more information on incorporating Slabsmith digital technology into your company.