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2) A-frame

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The photo station a-frame serves as a stand to hold the slab while a picture is taken and a digital slab is created.

There are many ways to build an acceptable a-frame as long as a few key principles are held to.  This article discusses the important parameters of a photo station a-frame.

Important notes...

  1. Background - The background can be made from exterior grade plywood painted bright neon green. 
    It should be flat and stable
    Re-enforce the edges of the plywood with 2x4 lumber (on edge) or metal channel to keep the edges of the plywood from warping. 
    The very best is a steel frame.   A flat background will make it much easier to create a consistent and even lighting for the photo station.

Drawings of typical A-frames


A-frame details - Typical #1


A-frame details = Typical #2


Sample A-frame pictures

Samples of fabricator A-frames

Sample 1

Actual Fabricator A-frame

Sample 2

The steel frame

MDO Backer attached