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2019.9.xWhat's newRelease notes 

64 bit builds (Recommended - you need a 64 bit OS)

Slabsmith 2019.9.5
Slabsmith Database Administration 2019.9.5

32 bit builds  (Not recommended, you may experience memory issues, and some features are disabled)

Slabsmith 2019.9.5 x86
• Slabsmith Database Administration 2019.9.5 x86

Slabsmith Lite and Layout modules 

Slabsmith Lite and Layout are a separate modules for nesting at the machine.
Slabsmith Lite allows up to two slabs and shows the preview window. 
Slabsmith Layout works with a single slab, and does not show the preview window. 
If you are looking for Perfect Match, download from one of the above "Slabsmith" links.

• Slabsmith Lite 2019.9.5

• Slabsmith Layout 2019.9.5
Slabsmith Layout 2019.9.5 x86 (Not recommended, may not work.)

Slab Importer

The Slab Importer is included with the Slabsmith installations after and including version 2015.2.  However, it may also be downloaded here as a stand alone program for users of versions of Slabsmith prior to 2015.2.   The Slab Importer is a program designed to allow import of any version of a Slabsmith .slab files into any version of Slabsmith.   .slab files will automatically be registered to the Slab Importer when it is installed, so that double clicking on a .slab file will open the Slab Importer. 

Slab Importer 2019.9.5

Installation instructions
Version eligibility
Non-Current versions

Installation instructions...

Unless otherwise noted on a particular build, these are good guidelines for installation

1) Backup the Slabsmith database (not generally required, but a good idea)
2) Backup the ssData directory (not generally required, but a good idea)
3) Install the admin program on the server (this will update the database if required)
4) Install Slabsmith on the user computers.
5) If the previous version icon is still on your desktop, uninstall the old version.
6) If the version you download requires maintenance, you must contact Northwood Designs, Inc. for a new License.  phone: +1 315.287.2877 or email:

Version eligibility

Slabsmith uses the following version conventions:  Release year.Release month.Patch  
Example:  2014.3.1  -  Year: 2014  Maintenance Month: 3 (March)  Patch: 1

Can I install this version?

If you are using a current release ( same year and maintenance month ) or you have a current maintenance contract you can install from this page. 

If you are using an older version ( earlier year or earlier month from the same year and you do not have a current maintenance contract ), you can check for patches for your version on the non-current products page.

What's new?

This version requires a database upgrade, so all computers accessing the database will need to be upgraded at the same time.

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