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Backing up your Slabsmith data

Reference Number: AA-00228 Views: 8820 Created: 2012-10-28 15:04 Last Updated: 2012-11-07 06:00

Please use the following instructions to backup your data as needed.

Manual backup

Instructions for manually backing up your database and "ssData" large file folder.

Backing up the database

  1. Tell everyone to stop using Slabsmith so they don't change the database during the backup.
  2. Open "SQL Management Studio" on the computer which hosts the Slabsmith Database.
  3. Open the "Databases" tree
  4. Right Click on the "Slabsmith" database
    1. Select "Tasks | Backup" to open the backup dialog
  5. In the Source area...
    1. Be sure that your Slabsmith database is selected
    2. Set "Backup type" to "Full"
  6. In the 'Backup set' area...
    1. Specify a name and description for the backup
  7. In the "Destination area...
    1. Select "Disk"
    2. Select the 'Add' button to open the "Select Backup Destination" dialog
  8. Select the button with 3 dots to the right of the file name.
    1. Select a folder to store your backup, preferable on a share folder on the network.  ( you may not be able to store it in folders that you do not have permissions for )
    2. Give the file a name in the "File name" field.
  9. Select "OK" on this dialog
  10. Select "OK" on the next dialog
  11. Select "OK" on the main dialog to begin the backup.

Backing up the "ssData" large file folder

  1. Copy the entire folder contents to another folder.  Preferably onto a different computer on your network.