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3) Legacy products

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Legacy versions of Slabsmith

Version 1


64 bit builds (recommended - you need a 64 bit OS)

Slabsmith 2015.12.9
Slabsmith Database Administration 2015.12.9

32 bit builds (not recommended - you may experience memory issues)

Slabsmith 2015.12.9 x86
• Slabsmith Database Administration 2015.12.9 x86

Release notes


64 bit builds (recommended - you need a 64 bit OS)

Slabsmith 2015.7.6
Slabsmith Database Administration 2015.7.6

32 bit builds (not recommended - you may experience memory issues)

Slabsmith 2015.7.6 x86
• Slabsmith Database Administration 2015.7.6 x86

Release notes


64 bit builds (recommended - you need a 64 bit OS)

Slabsmith 2015.2.4
Slabsmith Database Administration 2015.2.4

32 bit builds (not recommended - you may experience memory issues)

Slabsmith 2015.2.4 x86
• Slabsmith Database Administration 2015.2.4 x86

Release notes


64 bit builds (recommended - you need a 64 bit OS)

Slabsmith 2014.8.6
Slabsmith Database Administration 2014.8.6

32 bit builds (not recommended - you may experience memory issues)

Slabsmith 2014.8.6 x86
• Slabsmith Database Administration 2014.8.6 x86

Release notes

IMPORTANT: Instructions for upgrading to 2014.3

64bit (recommended) - You must have a x64 bit operating system

Slabsmith v2014.3.764 Bit
Slabsmith DB Administration v2014.3.7
64 Bit

read the release notes...


Slabsmith v2014.3.7 32 Bit
Slabsmith DB Administration v2014.3.7 32 Bit

read the release notes...


IMPORTANT:   Instructions for upgrading to this version...

Latest 2012 version: 2012.9.1.12, released 2013-12-20

Slabsmith bundles

Slabsmith v2012.9.1.12 x86  x86 - 32 Bit (37,243KB)

Slabsmith v2012.9.1.12 x64  x64 - 64 Bit (40,463KB)

read the release notes...

Slabsmith Database Administration

Slabsmith DB Administration v2012.9.1.12  x86 - 32 Bit (22,782KB)

read the release notes...


Upgrade installation instructions

If you are currently running 2012.9.1.0 or newer, this is a minor bug fix upgrade, and no special procedures are required.  You may download and install on individual computers without upgrading all the computers.

If you are currently running a beta or release candidate version, it is important to follow the following procedure to insure limited downtime while upgrading to this version....

For anyone using a V2 of Beta 9.7 or earlier, this is a MAJOR upgrade with significant changes to the database that may take some time to complete.  You should ensure that your Slabsmith users are not accessing the database during the upgrade.  It is also recommended that you schedule your upgrade for a time between 9-3pm EST to insure that if you do have any issues during the upgrade that someone is available to help you.

  1. Make a backup!  (see instructions)
  2. Install the Slabsmith Admin program (v2012.9.1) and run it to upgrade your database  (be sure to select "inch" for display units if you work in inches)
    1. After installing the Admin program, open it.  You be prompted to create a new connection.
    2. Select the "Settings tab" and make sure that your display units and displayed decimal places are correct.
    3. If you have any custom labels and you are currently using beta 9.7 or earlier, you will need to move the label to the large file directory.  (usually "c:\ssData" on the database server computer)
      1. Open Windows Explorer on the computer that you print labels from and in the path bar at the top type "%AppData%" then select the {Enter} key
      2. Browse up one folder to "Local" folder
      3. Find the folder inside the Local folder called "Northwood Designs, Inc"
      4. Find the "Label" folder and copy your custom label from here.
  3. Obtaining your licenses:
    1. Install Slabsmith v2012.9.1  bundle on any computer that can talk to the database
    2. Insert one of your security keys into a USB port on this computer, then start Slabsmith
      1. Select "File | Registration" from the menus.
      2. Write down the "HASP ID"
      3. Write down the Slabsmith module this ID is associated with.  (ie- Slab Maker, or Perfect Match, or Perfect Match CE)
      4. Repeat this procedure with each of your security keys.
    3. Email your list of ID's and their associated Slabsmith module to
    4. Install Slabsmith on all computers that have a previous version of Slabsmith installed (you will need to uninstall the old version first)
    5. We will reply to your email and send you a license pack that you will load from the Admin program
      1. Copy the license pack file from your email to your desktop
      2. Open the Admin program
      3. Select the "Settings" tab
      4. In the "licensing area" select "Load License Pack".
      5. Select the license file from your desktop
      6. You should get a message that tells you how many licenses were placed in the database.
  4. You will likely need to recalibrate.    Some release candidate calibrations will still be usable, but it's best to plan on recalibrating when upgrading from a pre-release version.
  5. If you have any trouble or questions, call us at: 315.287.2877

Slabsmith v2 Betas

All v2 beta version have been discontinued.

Slabsmith v1

Slabsmith v1.1  (installation) x86 - 32 Bit

Slabsmith v1.32 ( .exe only ) x86 - 32 Bit
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:  To use version, FIRST:  install v1.1, then download this file
and rename it to "Slabsmith.exe" and copy it over "Slabsmith.exe" in the "c:\Program Files\Northwood Designs, Inc\Slabsmith" folder.